Newest French Perl Mongers board member introduces herself

June 15, 2014

At the General Assemby of the French Perl Mongers (les Mongueurs de Perl) the board put out a call for new candidates. Sébastien Apherghis-Tramoni urged me to throw my hat in the ring. I asked the board if I would be doing something stupid if I did so. No, answered Laurent Boivin, but you can perhaps prevent someone else from doing something stupid. Oh what the hell, I figured, and put my  hand up. I was duly voted in before I could reconsider. 

As it is unseemly (peu convenable) for a newly-minted board member to have a dead blog, and because Wendy G.A. van Dijk urged us all heartily to Publish! Publish! Publish!,  I am reviving PerlGerl.  I’ve been doing a few things lately too, and should really post about them.