Coder Girl

October 18, 2009

Bus error

October 17, 2009

A phrase I see occasionally after a C-programming oopsy.

Welcome to PerlGerl

October 2, 2009

Welcome to my blog, wherein  I chronicle my adventures in Perl.

Cog (Jose-Alves Castro of urged the attendees of YAPC::EU 2009 to shout from the housetops that Perl is alive and well.  This blog is my contribution to the message.

While other languages, frameworks, environments, and platforms may grab the headlines and awards, Perl keeps on keeping on.  It solves all sorts of problems, employs all sorts of people, and persists despite rumors of its demise. 

I am JAPH, a garden-variety digital ditch digger.  I don’t change the state of reality, I use Perl to get my job done.  Catch up with me from time to time, and be sure to leave a friendly greeting.

Happy hacking to all.